Blooming Almond Orchards & Our Beloved Trio

Bakersfield is known to many photogs in southern and central Cali for its insanely gorgeous almond orchards that bloom every year mid February. And so far, over the span of a few days I've had the wonderful pleasure of shooting 7 families. The blooms are only around for a few weeks so everyone swarms to this area to get their images done in this faux winter wonderland. As much as I just love documenting the lives of such wonderful people, I desperately wanted to get our beloved trio in front of my lens. So I did. They got home yesterday, finished their homework, then we went to go play! I may be biased but our children are by far some of the most gorgeous human beings I have ever laid eyes on, and the way the pink-tinted sun setting sky gently kissed their glowing brown skin was magical.

I love my babies (yes I still refer to them as such.. lol!), and it's in their lives and their stories, where I find the greatest joy. Before I am anyone else's photographer, I am their mama and the blessed steward that gets to capture the splendor of watching them grow. Thank you Jesus for Isaac, Kenneth, and Hannah-Marie. They mean the world to me!

"It is no small thing, when they, who are so fresh from God, love us." –Charles Dickens