Freshman Ball & A Pasta Bar — Feb. 5, 2016

We're getting close to the end of Liberty High's basketball season and it's been quite a wild ride. It has been such a joy not only seeing Isaac get professionally coached up, it's been wonderful watching these boys close together as friends. Isaac has a fav in Zak, and we've grown quite fond of Zak and his beautiful family. There's nothing like having Jesus in common! That's the springboard that this relationship jumped from and everything since then has fallen into place. The Pats suffered their first loss of the season tonight against Stockdale so now they've got to win the last two games if they want a shot at being the league champs. In spite of the anxiety that I'm sure the families and friends in attendance experienced as we watched a very intense "fight-to-the-finish" type of game, we got to share this night with some of beautiful Hingepoint Church family! And what made the loss easier to swallow for the boys was what took place after the game.

After a game a few weeks back over pizza, chicken, and wedges, Zak's mom Angi decided to incorporate a fellowship night for the boys that would occur monthly at someone's home. The idea was to get the boys together to hang out, break bread, and get some nourishment for the soul through dialog that would spur in them a hunger for Jesus. Tonight, the vision came to life. At a clubhouse owned by one of the player's grandparents, the team played pool, air hockey, foosball, shared tons of laughs, and ate to their little heart's content. There was an inspirational message given, the boys went out in the brisk cold of night to ball up their coaches, and parents hung out and got to know each other better. Hey Angi, the food was delish darlin'!

Overall, it was a great night. Great memories were made. And the birth of lifelong friendships between our boys was something beautiful to behold. We are truly blessed that this is a part of our story.