Blooming Almond Orchards & Our Beloved Trio

Bakersfield is known to many photogs in southern and central Cali for its insanely gorgeous almond orchards that bloom every year mid February. And so far, over the span of a few days I've had the wonderful pleasure of shooting 7 families. The blooms are only around for a few weeks so everyone swarms to this area to get their images done in this faux winter wonderland. As much as I just love documenting the lives of such wonderful people, I desperately wanted to get our beloved trio in front of my lens. So I did. They got home yesterday, finished their homework, then we went to go play! I may be biased but our children are by far some of the most gorgeous human beings I have ever laid eyes on, and the way the pink-tinted sun setting sky gently kissed their glowing brown skin was magical.

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Freshman Ball & A Pasta Bar — Feb. 5, 2016

We're getting close to the end of Liberty High's basketball season and it's been quite a wild ride. It has been such a joy not only seeing Isaac get professionally coached up, it's been wonderful watching these boys close together as friends. Isaac has a fav in Zak, and we've grown quite fond of Zak and his beautiful family. There's nothing like having Jesus in common! That's the springboard that this relationship jumped from and everything since then has fallen into place. The Pats suffered their first loss of the season tonight against Stockdale so now they've got to win the last two games if they want a shot at being the league champs. What made the loss easy to swallow was what took place after the game. 

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Courtside: Liberty Pats vs. Frontier Titans — Jan. 15, 2016

Isaac is our firstborn and we just love supporting him in his choice sport of basketball. He's a point guard on the freshman team and his number resembles the number of our family. This is Isaac's first year actually being "coached up" and I look forward to seeing the fruit of his raw talent combined with professional coaching result in good ball playing. YouTube and street ball have brought him a long way, but technical coaching will take his skill set to higher heights!

Here are some of my fav moments of him doing what he does. And by the way, these Pats won convincingly 41-17. Isaac had 2 points, 1 steal, and drew a foul. The boys are 1-0 on the season.

"Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability." -Coach Wooden

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