Roberto + Sarah: Married In The City!

Roberto, also known as Robert, and his beloved bride Sarah are a fiery and breathtaking couple. And although they are from two completely different ethnic backgrounds, they are undeniably united in their utter love for Jesus Christ and their hearts beat insatiably for the Gospel being permeated throughout urban cities.

When I Skyped with these two before heading to India last summer, I noticed two things very quickly. Robert adores this woman. He couldn't stop looking at her while sitting right next her. He just stared at smiled as she spoke and would only seem to stop when she turned to ask him a question. Second, Sarah has such a admirable respect for Robert. Women tend to be frontrunners where wedding planning is concerned but she was sure to inquire about his thoughts and ensured that his requests were made known.

I was absolutely honored to receive an email July 6th from Sarah stating they had decided to move forward with me. We exchanged emails and before we all knew it January 14th had arrived.

In the heart of Los Angeles, a city they are currently reaching for Jesus with CRU, these two God-glorifying people worshipped the Lord in both English and Spanish, took communion, and vowed before God, family, and friends to become one. Beginning with a first look at Vista Hermosa Park and ending the night on Wilshire, this wedding was a such a fun dream! It was a day full of laughs, sentimental familial details like Sarah's late grandmother's jewelry, joyful tears, and a reception full of live dancing! They were surrounded by family and friends from all over the country and they are truly some of the most loving people I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Out of the 550+ images that make up their wedding story, what you'll find below are my absolute favs. As you step into their wedding day, please enjoy the beautiful song while viewing. 

On a beautiful day in the City of Angels, they wed..

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Tapia! May the Lord be glorified and the world be influenced greatly through your union.

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