Cartwheels & Snacks + An Afternoon With Kenneth & Hannah-Marie

In this business, it's just common place to accumulate more pictures of other families and special moments in the lives of others than you'll have of your own. And as much as I absolutely love photographing others, I love watching, capturing, and enjoying the precious (albeit taken for granted) everyday moments with the most important people in my life. Kenneth and Hannah got out of school early today so before leaving the house I grabbed a blanket, board games, some snacks, and an agenda. Our 3 children are stellar students and normally they do their homework at the dining room table under the sound of classical music. Today we took to the park!

After they finished their homework, I just watched them enjoy one another in 70 degree temps at a beautiful park. I watched them just be kids. No worries. Jumping off of tables, playing tag, laughing, falling, tumbling, and the priceless time of watching Kenneth teach Hannah how to do a cartwheel. I was reminded during our outing that the most important time I'll ever spend is with my husband and children. My career, ministry endeavors, and all that I set out to accomplish will mean nothing if I'm not fully present and creating a legacy of love with my most prized possessions. We had such a blast today and I look forward to making scrapbooks and albums of more of their childhood with the expectant joy of sitting with them and their children going through them in the decades to come.

Before I am anyone else's photographer, I am their mommy and the treasurer of all they are..

The greatest memories in your life are your family’s memories. A strong, resilient, eclectic, competitive, loving-hard, striving for excellence family unit compromised of 5 anchored to the risen Savior. We are the Davis'.