Kenton + Deanna: And Then There Were Three

I can't think of a more tender honor than documenting the moment in a family's life when they are given the gift of new life. When Deanna shared the news of her pregnancy to our crew, we were all so very overwhelmed with excitement! 

Deanna & Kenton are one of those chic, stylish, creative couples that bring much fun-loving high-energy vibes into whatever environment they step into. They are absolutely Insta-stalk worthy, and if you have the opportunity to hang with them, you'll leave feeling inspired! Toward that end, I was not surprised in the least bit when we talked through her idea of taking her shoot to a roof mid-week.

Braving windy 40 degree weather with storm clouds hovering over, these two lovebirds made their life-changing news public announcing to the world that there is an addition on its way to their home. Not only do they radiate the joy of new parents, but they glow with the love of the Lord. What an wonderful time it was with these rockstars this morning and I cannot wait to meet the precious little one making its way earth-side Sept. 2018! Congratulations Kenton & Deanna! Lots of love to you both!!

Morgan-Raquel Davis