Friday Antiquing With Grandmothers

I met Melissa on the greeting team at our church. After a few moments I fell in love with her warm smile and chic style. She's trendy in that classic 70's and 80's kind of way. I found myself looking for her (not in that creepy stalker kind of way.. lol) every Sunday to see how she accessorized with her scarves, various patterns, and shoes that only seem to be one of a kind. So it was an absolute no-brainer of who I'd go to when I needed to test a new lens as I prepared to shoot a wedding. Melissa and I exchanged a few text messages and the date was set. Where did she want to meet? In her natural element antiquing with BOTH of her grandmothers! When I arrived at the Mill Creek Antique Mall, I was in photog heaven! There was timeless art and antiques dating back over 100 years. And then it made sense. Melissa is a timeless beauty with classic taste and I had a blast watching her enjoy her grandmothers as they went about doing what they love.

Meet the ever so lovely Melissa.. (and her adorable grandmothers)

"Grandmothers are just antique little girls." -Anon