For My Ancestors: The Journey Home

My footsteps led me to pitch black overheated and suffocating dungeons where they’d be starved to death, where the toxicity of British and Dutch gunpowder was inhaled as the only source of ventilation, where water was a mirage. Their bloodied bodies would fill these rooms to capacity where they’d be shackled to cannon balls, leaving them to urinate and defecate right where they stood and laid.

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Kenton + Deanna: And Then There Were Three

I can't think of a more tender honor than documenting the moment in a family's life when they are given the gift of new life. When Deanna shared the news of her pregnancy to our crew, we were all so very overwhelmed with excitement! 

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Morgan-Raquel Davis
The Morgan Family: Blooming In Spring

It has been a fun pleasure to photograph the Morgan family year after year since relocating to this area in 2015. I can't believe how much the kids have grown both in height and personality but I'm certain that's what makes collections like these so special.

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familyMorgan-Raquel Davis
Bert + Laura: Celebrating 30 Yrs. of Marriage

Their home is insanely gorgeous and the intimate ceremony and reception area was perfectly decorated in their backyard. Not only were their family and friends a blast to hang out with, but the food was delicious, and Too-Short (the groom's best friend) surprised them with an encore concert in celebration of their renewal.

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Darren + Charlene: Marchin' & Loftin' In LA

No one could've prepared me for what happened Saturday, January 21st, 2017. Yes the Los Angeles Women's March happened that day, but when your couple decides to join in by doing their first look at ground zero (because they are Gospel-centered activists) then march to their wedding venue, you know it's going to be epic!

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Roberto + Sarah: Married In The City!

Roberto, also known as Robert, and his beloved bride Sarah are a fiery and breathtaking couple. And although they are from two completely different ethnic backgrounds, they are undeniably united in their utter love for Jesus Christ and their hearts beat insatiably for the Gospel being permeated throughout urban cities.

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weddingsMorgan-Raquel Davis
Because We're Sisters + Emily, Madison, & Chloe

Emily, Madison, and Chloe are three gems that I've had the pleasure to get to know over the course of the past several months. They are the glitter, spunk, and witty personality of the Sackett Clan and I had a fantastic time turning my camera on them today. They have such a beautiful bond and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them interact during our time together. I loved how Chloe picked fallen flowers out of Emily's hair, Madison's super contagious laugh, and how they always seemed to rest or touch one another. And although they have busy lives with work and school, it was so endearing to hear that their family has a regular practice of discussing their day as they eat dinner together. That's a practice unfortunately uncommon in this day and age but it's part of the fabric of this loving family.

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Friday Antiquing With Grandmothers

I met Melissa on the greeting team at our church. And immediately fell in love with her warm smile and chic style. She's trendy in that classic 70's and 80's kind of way. And I found myself looking for her (not in that creepy stalker kind of way.. lol) every Sunday to see how she accessorized with her scarves, various patterns, and shoes that only seem to be one of a kind. So it was an absolute no-brainer of who I'd go to when I needed to test a new lens as I prepared to shoot a wedding. Melissa and I exchanged a few text messages and the date was set. Where did she want to meet? In her natural element antiquing with BOTH of her grandmothers! When I arrived at the Mill Creek Antique Mall, I was in photog heaven! There was timeless art and antiques dating back over 100 years. And then it made sense. Melissa is a timeless beauty with classic taste and I had a blast watching her enjoy her grandmothers as they went about doing what they love.

Meet the ever so lovely Melissa.. (and her adorable grandmothers)

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Cartwheels & Snacks + An Afternoon With Kenneth & Hannah-Marie

After they finished their homework, I just watched them enjoy one another in 70 degree temps at a beautiful park. I watched them just be kids. No worries. Jumping off of tables, playing tag, laughing, falling, tumbling, and the priceless time of watching Kenneth teach Hannah how to do a cartwheel. I was reminded during our outing that the most important time I'll ever spend is with my husband and children. My career, ministry endeavors, and all that I set out to accomplish will mean nothing if I'm not fully present and creating a legacy of love with my most prized possessions. We had such a blast today and I look forward to making scrapbooks and albums of more of their childhood with the expectant joy of sitting with them and their children going through them in the decades to come.

Before I am anyone else's photographer, I am their mommy and the treasurer of all they are..

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