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She Is Inevitable + Cameran Spears: Class of 2019

Maybe it’s the warmth in her eyes, the confidence in her posture, or the no-nonsense way she articulates her aspirations beyond graduation this month. Whatever it is, Cameran is inevitable. She’s the kind of unassuming glowing young woman who takes cities like Bakersfield quietly by storm. I am always amazed by the little giants that I get to meet. You know, the people who have such a big heart, with big dreams, big smiles, and whose personalities are so contagiously fun to be around.

Cameran, I’m so thrilled for your future darlin’! For all the things that you’ll do to impact this world. There’s nothing more courageous and dangerous than a woman who knows what she wants and sets her heart on whatever it takes to accomplish her goals. Congratulations on graduating high school in a few weeks! I have no idea what you’ve overcome or what it took for you to become the force that you are but I’m praying nothing but God’s best for you as you walk fully into your purpose. This trail called life is yours for the blazing gorgeous!

Here’s some of my absolute favs from our time together!

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