Jeff + Jacqueline | California Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff and Jacqueline at our church couple of years ago. They are such a fun-loving dynamic couple that love each other so passionately, but it’s truly evident that they love Jesus more. We had a blast in our small group and it was such a sweet pleasure to watch their relationship blossom over time. I was quite humbled and so very stoked when they both stopped me after service to ask if I’d photograph their wedding. Heck yes!! We met at Cafe Smitten to talk deets and I just love that Jeff could not keep his eyes off of Jacqueline as while she spoke. He gently caressed her hands and a smile was fixed on his face without no end in sight.

Their wedding day soon came and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The were wed in the most magical venue, The Gardens, a hidden gem in Tulare. Collages of their pictures and family pictures were spread throughout the reception area and a small pond with a tiny waterfall perfectly accentuated the area where they exchanged vows.

More than the decor, we all lost our breath the moment that Jeff broke down when Jacqueline walked down the aisle. Yes I cried watching him cry and so did the micro population of women who also witnessed this precious moment. He was a man abandoned to his love that day and Jacqueline was stunning beyond words.

Their vows were so full of their unquenchable desire for one another laced with such rich personal exhortations from the Bible. And if it couldn’t be more God-centered, not only did they do Communion, but they served Communion to their guests.

I loved every single thing about their day. It was truly unforgettable; for them and every one of us honored to stand beside them.