Kenton + Deanna | California Maternity Photographer

Kenton and DeAnna are the stuff dreams are made of, full stop! They are the go-getting owners of Kenton Michael, an exclusive luxury handmade jeweler based out of LA whose line can be found in you favorite high-end stores. DeAnna is a lifestyle blogger who often blazes her own trail so when she wanted to do her maternity collection in the comfort of her own home (which is styled so stunningly) in comfy clothes, I was all for it. Alice-Rose has been loved on since they found out about her conception and we had such a blast laughing, talking, drinking coffee, and just hanging out while the camera naturally captured our time together.

That’s their thing. Coffee. They dream out loud while Kenton brews. Watching them grab their favorite mugs and talk about all their hopes for their girl warmed my heart.

All in all, they made in-home sessions my fav! No fuss, just a relaxed cozy environment with two people in love so overly excited to welcome their sweet girl earth-side. Cheers to you Michael Family! All the best for your precious family!

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
— George Bernard Shaw