When you invest in working with a photographer, you are paying for a wide array of services including:

  • reserving a spot just for you on our calendar that so we can’t book anyone else in that time slot, risking potential loss of business if you cancel
  • our consultation time
  • driving to and from your session or event locations (we truly wish gas & vehicle maintenance were free)
  • our shooting time
  • our creative photographic vision (ie. posing, lighting, composition, etc.)
  • our time spent culling and editing images after our time together which could take days or weeks depending on the collection
  • resources we use to capture and deliver the final perfect images that you can treasure forever:
    • costly professional-level camera equipment
    • costly computer equipment
    • expensive editing software
    • professional-grade memory cards
    • large hard drives for file storage
    • cloud-based platforms for online storage so we don't lose your precious images
    • file & web hosting for online galleries
    • other products we use to deliver your photos, i.e. branded presentation boxes & USBs, pretty little decor items, packaging materials, shipping & handling, etc.
  • other business expenses such as equipment insurance, liability insurance as required by venues, location permits, etc.

It's never just the total amount of time spent with you. There's more behind-the-scenes post-production work and related costs that go unnoticed and unaccounted for to the client. 

"Why do the prints in my gallery cost more than Costco or Walmart?"

Simply put: Costco, Walmart, and companies like Shutterfly are million and billion-dollar companies that can afford top-dollar equipment and the resources to produce mass quantities of prints on low quality paper and sell them to you for a cheap cost. It takes no effort and care on their part. They do not sweat and pour their heart and soul into capturing and editing your images, or formatting them for proper printing. I do. I work with a specialized professional fine art printing company and imaging lab that uses only high-end photographic materials to create and deliver premium high-end products straight to your door. Your images are meant to be printed and cherished and I will cease at nothing to ensure you receive nothing but the best that I and my vendors have to offer. x0, —Mo