Kenton + DeAnna: Awaiting Alice Rose


I'm keeping this blurb short because I need you to hurry up and browse this collection! Guys, this is legit my favorite maternity collection to date! What's makes this one so special are three things. First, this pregnancy is an answer to faithful and unceasing prayer by this beautiful couple longing for a child. God is in the business of making things happen and don't your forget it! Second, they decided to document this wonderful time in their lives in their insanely gorgeous home. If I could use their home as a studio for all the shoots, I sure would. And lastly, can we just talk about the charisma and undeniable love between these two? Geez. How freakin' gorgeous is DeAnna?! I could go on and on but I won't because you need to see all of my favs from our time together. All of them.

Alice Rose, you struck gold calling these two Mommy & Daddy sweet girl!