It's True, Your Life Is Worth Documenting..

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”


Love + Life + All The Things

I'm here for the dreamy & dangerously in love, for the breathtaking woman with child, the first breath of a newborn, for the thrill seeking families who crave authentic documentation.

I'm here for the wanderers who aren't lost. For life's precious milestones. Let's chase light or a setting sun.

Let's laugh until it hurts, let's cry tears of incredible joy, let's adventure..

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

I'm Honored To Tell Your Story..

Hey Beautiful! I'm a 36 year old Elevation Worship and 40' jazz music lovin', fruit craving, Central CA based lifestyle photographer who remains inspired by the world around us. Jesus Christ is the most important Person in my life. I began this artistic journey around 3am in a bathroom in 2014 and I love it! You'll find that I shoot from my heart and pour all of my energy into curating images that best display the sacred spaces and times of your life. These are your moments, turned memories, that speak to your legacy.. 

When I'm not peering behind a viewfinder, I'm most likely enjoying my insanely gorgeous husband of 17 years, hanging out with our 3 beautiful children, blogging, helping people get into the best shape of their lives, by the ocean, volunteering, or under a blanket in pajamas crying my eyes out watching romantic comedies. By the way, you haven't lived if you haven't eaten Baltimore blue crabs. Just sayin'..

Investing In Your Story

Clients Typically Spend $250-$400 For Lifestyle Portraiture Collections.

2018 Wedding Collections begin at $1,400.

Birth Photography begins at $950.

Complete Motherhood Collections (Maternity, Labor & Delivery) begin at $1,300.

Humanitarian Photojournalism: Based on project needs. Volunteer photography available on a case by case basis.

Visit here for Missions & Humanitarian Photography.

⋆State Sales Tax, Travel, & Lodging Not Included.

Collections outside of California require a minimum two-week notice. For international collections and non-profit photography projects, please finalize booking a minimum of two months in advance for necessary travel and visa logistics. 

important need to know's:

  • Galleries are completed within 2 weeks (excluding weddings). Rush processing available.
  • Natural light is my fav! Let's use lots and lots of it. 
  • Candids make my heart flutter so I give minimal direction. :) The authentic you is the best you!

⋆With special regard to the type of work I produce, I will not photograph or be associated with any concepts or events that include nudity, implied nudity, or that which conflicts with my personal convictions. I appreciate your understanding.


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