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for all the things fearlessly authentic..

It’s raw, real, and effortlessly natural. IT’S LIFE DOCUMENTED IN ITS TRUEST EMOTIVE FORM.



“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”
– Annie Leibovitz



Morgan-Raquel & Co.

A boutique Maryland-based photojournalistic collective specializing in weddings, portraiture, missions photography, and branding concepts.

Available for travel worldwide

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your experience..

I’m here for every laugh, for every tear, every excited outburst, every precious milestone that makes up the mosaic that is your life. For a couple of hours or an entire day, I just want you to live in the moment, fully present, unapologetically engaged.

I can promise you a few things:

We will have so much fun! Personal connection from start to finish in a relaxed environment has always been my hook. The more at ease you are, and the more you’re enjoying yourself, the better the images. So we’re going to laugh (a lot); we’re going to talk about all the stuff that makes your heart flutter; and we’re basically going to be best buds as I play your personal paparazzi. No awkward unnatural poses. Just you being you!

I will cry. If it’s watching the groom’s face as the bride approaches, your first dance, the tear-jerking toasts, watching you both look at each other and kiss when no one else is looking, and especially as I relive your day via editing and come upon that heart-stopping image, I’m going to cry.

You’re never just a client. That means that during the process we’ll maybe meet for tacos (if we’re in the same city); that I’ll help plan your looks; that we will pray together if you’re in need; and that whatever sacred space you invite me into, I will document it as if it’s my own.

Morgan is top notch. She’s professional and her talent is simply next to none. She’s so easy to be around that you forget there’s a camera and therefore you capture some amazing pics!! You’ll be floored to get the beautiful pictures and they really do become a treasure. We highly recommend Morgan!
— Brian + Sarah

Your Ultimate Hype Girl!!

Because on the most important day of your life, more than just hiring a “vendor”, you’ll want the girl that won’t just take amazing images. You want the one who will fix your bustle; the one who will hand you your favorite drink while you’re in the make-up chair; the one who pray with you and remind you to breathe; the one laughing so hard with your family; and the one dancing with you in the middle of the dance floor while catching all the magic. I got you babe!



CALIFORNIA, maternity collection

It really doesn’t get any better than an in-home sesh with a radiant mama to be and a husband who loves her so much. Their chic home with perfect lighting was the perfect way to celebrate this party of two becoming three.

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